An exhibition of equipment for geomechanical and geodynamic research will be organized during the Symposium.

Venue and layout of the exhibition:

The venue for the exhibition is the second tier (balcony) of the conference hall of the Multifunctional complex «Gorny». Total area allocated for exhibition space  – 550 m2

An exhibition plan













Photographs of exhibitions held in Multifunctional complex «Gorny»


Information on the cost of exhibition space:

The cost of exhibition space of 6 square meters. (2×3 m) – USD 1,720

  • 1 table, 2 chairs
  • Marking of the location of the exhibitor in the pocket and the program of the symposium
  • Logo and partner link on the website of the Symposium
  • One free registration that provides access to all Symposium materials and participation in all events of the Symposium program (the total number of participants is not more than 2 per 1 module).

The cost of the exhibition area includes a stand assembling (installation / dismantling), a white fascia panel (10 signs from each open side of the stand), a basket, a spotlight, a power source with supply power of up to 2 kW, general advertising, providing general protection for the exposition, cleaning passages and places of common use, garbage removal from specially allocated places.

It is envisaged to lease additional exhibition equipment that is not included in the list of equipped exhibition space.

Equipment of the exhibition pavilion

Monday – 21/05/2018 – 12:00 – 19:00

Dismantling of the exhibition pavilion

Saturday – 26/05/2018 12:00 – 19:00

Exhibition time (TBD)

Tuesday – 22/05/2018 – 12:00 – 18:30

Wednesday – 23/05/2018 – 09:00 – 18:30

Thursday – 24/05/2018 – 09:00 – 18:30

Friday – 25/05/2018 – 09:00 – 18:30

For participation in the Exhibition, please contact the Symposium Secretariat by e-mail: post@eurock2018.com

The exhibition space is reserved by the participants in accordance with the receipt of orders.